Monday, February 03, 2003

Hello, hello again for the third and final time...I hope. All of my blogs keep getting messed up, by my turbulant relationship with Bryan, by my own crappy memory, ect. So anyway, this is once again Gina, and the eternal optimist is my new title for my self. Because I have noticed, that no matter how bad stuff gets, I always seem to have this eerie, euphoric outlook on things, how crazy is that. But anyway for anyone who cares, me and Bryan are better friends then ever now, I have been expelled from Mercy, they seem not to want me anymore, I am now attending Central and TORI AMOS IS COMING TO THE ORPHEUM ON MARCH 24th, does that kick ass or what? The answer? yes, yes it does....I bought my tickets an hour after they went on sale, I bought two and am giving one to a friend of mine, my mom wants me to ask her for money, but how rude would that be? hey I have this cool oppurtunity for you to see something you would really enjoy, by the way gimme 40 bucks, I dont think so. So I told the friend not to worry about it. I'll just ask her to drive, ha ha how nice am I. Well I have run out of intellegent things to say, if there ever were any, so I shall type to you all later- Gina the new found glory in everyones life